Shahbaz Pathan

University and Institute
Meteorology and Remote Sensing (MES), Department of Wind Energy- Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Start date:
15 July 2020

My Name is Shahbaz, born in Khairpur-Nathan-Shah, Sindh, Pakistan in the month of February-1994. I am professionally Electronics Engineer. I have done Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics Engineering in 2016 and after that I completed Master of Engineering in Electronic Systems Engineering in 2019 with course work and research work. During my Master’s degree, I completed 10 advanced level courses and also published two research publications, one as a main author and other as a co-author. After completion of Master’s degree, I worked as a digital logic design lab engineer and later worked as a visiting faculty lecturer. During that time, I taught many subjects and supervised many undergraduate level projects. Now, I am working as a PhD student at Meteorology and Remote Sensing (MES) section, Wind Energy Department of Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

I am always highly motivated for learning new things and have passion for continuous education and higher studies. The good thing about this ITN-LIKE project is that it is a combination of both Industry and Academia, so in this way I will get opportunity to learn new things at Industry and as well as at University and can easily continue my passion for higher studies. Moreover, as the PhD project is about experimenting different data signal processing schemes for wind lidar measurements, my bachelors and masters studies in Electronic Systems Engineering as well as my experience from working as a Digital Logic Design Lab Engineer and visiting faculty lecturer, makes me well prepared with knowledge and skills useful for contributing to novel instrument developments.