Francisco Costa

University and Institute
University of Stuttgart

Start date:
1st February 2020

I was born in a small village 60 km to the north of Valencia, in Spain. 
From a very young age, I have been passionate about the understanding of physical phenomena. For this reason I decided to study Physics.
Now I hold a Degree in Physics and a Masters in Remote Sensing, both obtained at The University of Valencia. 
Thus, it became clear that my passion lay within renewable energy, so on parallel I took some renewable energies related courses and I developed projects about wind energy as well, like how to build your own wind turbine and implement solutions based on renewable energies from which society can benefit.
Over the past few years I have decided to go one step further and have come to Stuttgart to develop my potential as a researcher and to acquire new knowledge.

I like the proposed topic in terms of promoting new energy applications and I always wanted to be part of a research project, especially in this application area. Moreover, I am in complete agreement with open-source material, sharing know-how as well as scientific collaborations.  I am highly motivated to do this PHD, and have a lot of perseverance, as well as basic experience in lidar, knowledge in wind energy and I definitively want to be part of the LIKE project.