Feng Guo

University and Institute:
Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

Start date:
01 Feb 2020

My name is Feng Guo, a passionate ‘winder’ from China. I obtained my Bachler degree in Thermal Energy and Power Engineering from Southeast University, China in 2015. After that, I took a Nordic Five MSc program in the track of System Integration of Wind Power, by which I received double MSc degrees in
Sustainable Energy Engineering from both NTNU and DTU in 2017.

Following my Master program, I went back to my hometown Kunming, China, and work for POWERCHINA as a wind resource and site engineer in the department of renewable energy. Now I have started a new role as research assistant (PhD student) at Flensburg University of Applied Sciences since 1 Feb 2020


By the shuttle in engineering practice and research, I finally made it clear that I am strongly interested in developing and research new methods to analyze and solve the existing problems. My PhD project ‘Adaptive Lidar systems for wind turbine control’ fascinates me so much.

Building a smart Lidar system that can provide reliable and self-adjusted signals for multiple wind turbine control purposes could be challenging but the outcomes are also attractive. I feel proud that I could investigate how to design a smart brain for Lidar system that helps turbine to achieve better performances.