Zhaoyu Zhang

University and Institute
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano

Start date:
1st June 2020

Born in China, on Oct.21 1994. Hold a bachelor’s degree in Measurement & Control Technology & Instruments from North University of China on July 2017. Took a master’s degree in Advanced Control and Systems Engineering from The University of Manchester on November 2018. As engineer for projects about unmanned systems in China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp till May 2020.

Previous work involves development of control algorithms as well as research of unmanned applications. I have gained the ability of unmanned vehicle/ unmanned aerial vehicle design and simulation during my work. For software platform, using Python in data visualization and data mining, with tools including Pandas and Matplotlib. 

My master’s project was focused on unmanned system control. One of the objectives was to develop a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) for unmanned vehicle in Matlab and Simulink using extended Kalman filter based data fusion. Another objective of the project was to establish an advanced control algorithm for a Trajectory-tracking vehicle, which based on sliding model control and nonlinear system. I also developed Linear Quadratic Gaussian (LQG) control algorithm for the quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle.

During undergraduate period, I learnt advanced engineering mathematic and data processing during my undergraduate courses (Signal & System, Equation of Mathematical Physics), and started using C language, Matlab, LabVIEW since then. In my second year, I won the Second-class Prize of Mathematical Modelling Contest with the project about Flight delay propagation analysis. In my third year, I won the second-class award in National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest. The contest was on real life application of route tracking vehicle. I worked on embedded systems with C programming on STM32 chip as well as data acquisition using both range and optical sensors. In fourth year, I participated in the National Summer School of Automatic Measurement and Instruments for a LabVIEW based data communication project.


As one of the most popular topics in science and technology recently years, new energy resource have an intimate relationship with industry 4.0. Engineers aim to contribute their wisdom and witness this revolution. With a strong interest and deep understanding in this, I decided to work for this field since I was an undergraduate student. So that I selected control and measurement area as my Master’s subject. Besides, I built a solid theoretical foundation in mathematic through doing projects and carrying out research throughout my Bachelor’s and Master’s education, which also gave me the confidence in designing applications of control theory and data processing fields. During my work in China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp, I participated in many project about full scale optimization and sensors application. All of these education and work background helps me to obtain more in wind turbine control area.

Personally, I consider the PhD as an essential experience in my life. Driven by curiosity and passion, I would like to seize any chance for education and research in field of my interest. My precious youth deserves to have a wonderful study and work time, which, I believe, could be obtained within this PhD position of Lidar-assisted wind farm control in wind tunnel and full scale in Politecnico di Milano. Besides, what attracts me most is that the Politecnico di Milano and Marie Curie actions have a global reputation for pioneering research in the area of wind resource. If possible, I will have a professional science and international horizon with working in LIKE project and Politecnico di Milano. I am looking forward to having closing relationship with other partners in LIKE project.