I was born and raised in Tongren, Guizhou, a small but picturesque town in southwest China. I got my bachelor's degree in atmospheric science at Nanjing University in 2016. Then, I started my master study at ETH Zurich, Switzerland in the same major, and accomplished the degree in 2019. Now I am a PhD student in the University of Bergen. During my master's thesis, I investigated the effect of dust on the intensity of North Atlantic tropical cyclones by performing ensemble numerical simulations.


My brother is an instructor pilot, who trains young pilots in the aviation flight school. I was always told about the complicated but regular safety procedures to reduce risks in case of turbulence and extreme weathers, especially during take-off and landing. Even if he is always one of the best, the whole family is still worried about his safety every time he is on duty. As an early-stage researcher in atmospheric sciences and a brother, I am excited and feel honoured to devote my research career on increasing aviation safety, making contributions to reduce the risk. Thus, when I was so lucky to have such an opportunity in LIKE, I joined without a doubt.