Priscila Mulattieri Suarez Orozco

University and Institute
UL International GmbH

Start date:
11th May 2020

I was born in Pelotas, located in the southernmost state of Brazil. I studied Oceanography at the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG) in Brazil and spent almost a year at Dalhousie University in Canada. There I worked with data from a Canadian submarine canyon to analyze up- and downwelling processes.
My master’s was in Physical, Chemical and Geological Oceanography at the same university I graduated. I studied estuarine hydrodynamics based on field measurements and analytical modeling. Until 2020, I was a researcher for the Rio Grande’s Harbor, Brazil, studying the impact of dredging operations on an adjacent beach.

As a side career, I am an English teacher and I am passionate about teaching.

I was most motivated about being able to develop my PhD at the industry in collaboration with two universities, which is a very rare setting. At least in the former field I used to study, the student’s formation was more towards research, sometimes completely lacking training for the industry. I believe this PhD has the best-case scenario in order to balance different interests and points of view. Another aspect that got my attention was the focus given to an emerging instrument like LiDAR, whose measurement techniques and data processing I was eager to learn.