Arjun Anantharaman

University and Institute
ForWind – Center for Wind energy research, University of Oldenburg

Start date:
16 February 2020

I come from Chennai: a hot, coastal, bustling metropolitan city in South India. After completing my Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering there, I then obtained a master’s degree in the same field from TU Delft in the Netherlands, mainly focusing on fluid mechanics and multiphase flow. It is in the Netherlands that I discovered a love for applied research, which ultimately led me to be a part of the ITN-LIKE program.
I am passionate about social and political causes including climate change and fighting against inequality. Tennis is the sport I love watching and playing the most, and I support Arsenal in football. Travelling, gaming, listening to music and reading (sporadic!) are the hobbies I enjoy in my free time.


After completing my master’s program at TU Delft in the Netherlands, I was unsure of which path to take: a PhD or a job. I was determined that the next stage of my career should involve the industrial application of a research question related to fluid mechanics. The ITN-LIKE project gives me the ideal platform to conduct research to improve a measurement technique (lidar), directly applying it in the industry. The fact that the research being conducted now is at the forefront of both academia and the industry and the opportunity to be involved in industrial trainings as part of the program are what keep me motivated every day.